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LVC Contracting Demonstrates Integrated Live, Virtual Environments

LVC Contracting is a full-service systems integrator that has been in business for 35 years. It recently acquired a fire sprinkler business and has expanded its offerings to include door hardware services. SSI’s July issue profiles the company alongside its 2017 Installer of the Year winners Silent Guard and American Integrated Security Group.

In addition to showcasing its military training LVC Contracting capabilities at the four-day Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference that began Monday in Orlando, FL, CAE has teamed with Rockwell Collins to build a demonstration of an integrated live, virtual and constructive (LVC) platform. “Integrated training is increasingly critical as defense forces seek to cost-effectively maintain readiness and prepare for operational missions,” said Gene Colabatistto, president of CAE’s defense and security division.

The new system integrates the three historically disparate environments by linking together the Live, Simulator and Constructive environments with a unified architecture to support mission rehearsals and training. This includes enterprise after action review and adapters, correlated terrain databases, multilevel security for multinational players and hardware/software requirements. It also incorporates LVC’s Interoperability and Composability attributes.

Interoperability is the ability to communicate and work with all components of a system in a seamless, cohesive manner. This includes the Live, Virtual and Constructive environments as well as the ancillary, simulated and virtual equipment used to facilitate mission rehearsals and training. It also refers to the process of establishing bi-directional and adaptable communication systems between the three environments, enabling the synchronization of simulation events and activities with the Live environment.

Composability refers to the ability to create and modify a training scenario to meet specific learning or performance objectives. This is achieved through the use of LVC’s scalable architecture that allows for the addition and modification of individual training capabilities to the entire system, which in turn can be scaled up or down as required.

Combined Live, Virtual and Constructive integration improves readiness training by preparing warfighters to face evolving threats in the real world with realistic and challenging scenarios without consuming the resources of an exclusively live exercise. It also reduces risk by allowing warfighters to train in a safe, realistic and highly-controlled environment before deploying to an actual combat situation.

Using the LVC Enterprise, the 505th DMOC has trained and conducted 339 readiness training events, preparing Airmen, Guardians, Sailors and Marines for all-domain air dominance against near-peer adversaries. During these training events, the DMOC has also incorporated contested logistics problem sets to develop tactical C2 units and a dedicated mission planning cell that operates concurrently with the live execution of an event. It has also embraced the capability of condition-based authorities and a collaborative training environment that supports pacing challenges. These efforts will enable warfighters to deploy anywhere in the world with confidence and speed to defeat emerging threats. Copyright 2019 LSI. All rights reserved.

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